Welcome to my website, although really it's just a dumping ground for work in progress and any other useful information I feel like sharing. Below you'll find links to a few websites I've been working on.       
June 2013

If you like any of what you see and wish to contact me, email me at the address below - thanks
Current websites:
  The Thomas Wolsey School Outreach Service. This is who I work for, the school is based in Ipswich, Suffolk, and is for children with special needs. I designed and maintain the Outreach Service website.
  Acafella 'Four men trying to hold their parts' - Acafella are a mens’ acapella quartet singing 4-part close harmony in the Barbershop style. They are available for events in Suffolk
  Kajiado Childrens Home Kenya - Unfortunately, this site has had to be taken offline due to legal reasons at the home.
  I have just finished the first phase of the new website for the Parish of St Matthew's, All Saints and Triangle, three churches in Ipswich.
  Cake & Catwalk - this site is no longer live, they now have a newer website with online shop etc, but you can look at the original one I designed by clicking on the picture on the left.
Work in progress....    
  Click on the picture to see a slideshow of some of my Ipswich photos.
  This is a new website currently under developement for a brand new a cappella group starting up in Ipswich (no I don't sing - I just have friends who do!)
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